New Beginnings

April 10, 2021

Here I am, and ready to blogging again after years. And this is my first blog post on my new blog page. I’ll talk about my plans in this post.

Who am I?

I’m a software engineer who lives in İstanbul, Turkey. I’m working for Countly Analytics as a full-stack engineer for three years. My primary expertise is web development on the client and server-side. I’ll mostly write about JS, MongoDB, Node, and Linux in this blog.

Except for my profession, I’m an indie filmmaker, even if I didn’t shot anything because of pandemic situations since last year.

And a gamer who loves to play video games if I can find a time after all works. It’s not too easy to manage time for me these days. I have a full-time job that requires an entire focus on weekdays. And at weekends I’m trying to build a start-up company.

Why did I decide to blog again after years?

There is a saying in Turkish that meaning “The words flies, the text remains.” I’m taking notes for things that I may need to remember when I need it next time in my daily routine. Yesterday, I noticed I could write that notes as posts on my blog. So in that way, it would be better for both the developer community and me. But there was a problem. I didn’t have a blog.

I had a personal blog in the past. I was writing too many blog posts about the things that I learned in my university years. But somehow, I succeed to lost all of that blog data. (I know it’s not a good promotion for a software developer. But that’s the truth. :D) As a result, you’re reading this post on my new blog hosted on Gatbsy cloud now. Thanks to Gatbsy for allowing me to create my blog seamlessly.


I’ll try to write more posts on this blog regularly. It may be a movie critic, sometimes a review for a product that I bought, and sometimes a software project or tool. I hope I can make these plans real.

Thanks for reading my first blog post until the end.

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